Tree Planting 2022

In accordance with Section 48 of the Forests Act, the Service created ten (10) Forest Conservancy
Areas to oversee the proper and efficient management of forests, each with a ten (10) member
Forest Conservation Committee (FCC) headed by chairperson who is appointed by the Board of
Directors. The Service requests applicants to forward their applications for the position of Forest
Conservation Committee Chairperson in Eastern Conservancy.
Job Purpose;
Assist the KFS Board of Management with the delivery of efficient and effective field operations
of the regional level as well as to perform specific duties related to the implementation of the
Forest legislation.
 The FCC Chairperson shall provide leadership of the Forest Conservancy to ensure quality
performance and effective execution of the mandate and functions.
 He/she will work closely with representative from other government agencies (County
Government, agricultural and environment) representatives of the forest industry and
community Forestry Association to ensure the sustainable management of the forest and
allied resources.
 Guide strategy and help define key issues for the FCC
 Chair FCC meetings and ensure preparation of papers, reports and decision making.
 Bring goodwill and enthusiasm to the FCC
 Maintain independence and objectivity in deliberating all FCC matters
 Encourage high standards of propriety, ensuring that FCC members comply with a Code
of Conduct.
 Provide an assessment of performance of individual FCC members.
 Ensure succession plans are in place for the FCC
 Ensure government policies, legislation and sustainable forest management practices are
adhered to.
Academic qualifications, experience and other requirements;

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