a) Job Specification

An officer at this level shall report to Head Engineering.

 b) Duties and responsibilities;

  1. To supervise maintenance forest Roads and construction of new structures such bridges and culverts in areas of jurisdiction.
  2. To support and complement the Engineer hence provide a wide range of maintenance of civil works
  3. Coordinate and supervise road works and construction/ maintenance of bridges within jurisdiction of the road unit
  4. Supervise selection of suitable construction materials for road works.
  5. Supervise the construction fleet of equipment, plant and vehicles deployed at road units.
  6. Supervise all staff stationed at construction site(s) such as overseers, senior, inspectors, plant operators, drivers and artisans
  7. Ensure vehicles, plant and equipment are well serviced and maintained.
  8. Ensure safety of equipment and personnel in construction sites.
  9. Ensure professional standards and undertake quality control in road units.
  10. Co-ordinate procurement of materials, fuels, oils and tools garages.
  11. Compile work progress reports.
  12. Assist the Engineer in preparation of work programs
  13. Prepare civil designs, drawings and specifications.
  14. Make cost estimates for all civil projects.
  15. Arrange for material testing
  16. Ensure safety of equipment and personnel in roads unit
  17. Ensure correct standards are maintained in road works
  18. Inspect and certify all road works upon completion
  19. Prepare stores, tools, equipment, vehicles and plant ledgers.
  20. Promote public values and principles
  21. Mentoring and coaching

c) Person specification

  1. Diploma Civil Engineering from a recognized Institution
  2. Three (3) Years Working Experience
  3. Proficiency in computer applications

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