a) Job Specification

An officer at this level shall report to Forest Station Manager.

 b) Duties and responsibilities

  1. Implement the forest legislation and related policies for enhancing the growth and development of the forest sector.
  2. Contribute to basic forest data for entry into forest records books and registers.
  3. Participate in forest survey and inventory activities.
  4. Record pest and diseases out breaks in the tree nursery and the field.
  5. Label seedlings bed for easy identification and monitoring.
  6. Identify nursery soil collection sites.
  7. Supervise nursery activities (seed sowing, pricking out, potting, hardening-off, soil fumigation, root pruning, watering, chemical and fertilizer application, cleaning and weeding).
  8. Identify sites for a flying nursery to enhance proximity to planting sites.
  9. Participate forest fire fighting.
  10. Participate in the implementation of forest activities (stake cutting, staking out, planting, beating up, pruning, thinning, re-spacing, coppice reduction, and climber/creeper cutting, weeding, boundary and fire break maintenance).
  11. Collect basic forest data for entry into forest records books and registers.
  12. Participate in forest conservation activities.
  13. Collect data on seed germination to determine germination percentage.
  14. Conduct cold trailing to detect ground fire.
  15. Promote Public Values and principles
  16. Mentoring and coaching

c) Person Specifications

  1. Diploma in Forestry from a recognized institution
  2. Proficiency in computer applications

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