Why you should keep visiting public forests in Kenya

Research continues to demonstrate that there are actual physical and mental benefits of visiting forests. It has been proved that visiting forest areas improves ones mood, reduces stress, increases energy levels, lowers blood pressure and improves sleep. It is a natural remedy with no side effects!

Kenya’s 1.9 million hectares of public forests offer a wide diversity of ecosystems for visitors. These range from equatorial forests like Mt. Kenya and Aberdare; tropical rainforests like Kakamega; dry zone forests like Ngare Ndare and the Matthews Range; coastal forests like Arabuko Sokoke and mangroves; Eastern Arc mountain forests like Mbololo and Ngangao; and urban forests like Karura and the Ngong Hills.

These forests are rich in plant and wildlife biodiversity, in addition to having numerous attractive features including panoramic views, lakes, craters, waterfalls, caves and hills. There are also various recreational facilities that have been developed in these forests including nature trails, ecolodges, restaurants, picnic sites, camping sites, zip lines and canopy walks.

There is therefore potential to undertake many recreational activities in a public forest near you. 

There is potential to get tree-ted.

For information on the recreational facilities in different forests in Kenya, visit, www.kenyaforestservice.org

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