Menengai Forest Biodiversity

Over 169 species of flowering plants and 17 species of grasses have been recorded in Menengai Forest. These include Leleshwa (Tarconanthus camphorates), Euphorbia species and Acacia species. Common grasses in the forest include geothermal grass (Fibristylis exilis) and Boma Rhode grass. 

Mammal species found in Menengai include Rock hyrax, Tree hyrax, Olive baboons, Black-faced Vervet monkey and Mountain Reedbucks and Kirk’s Dik diks and Slender Mongoose. Birds species include Varreaux eagles (only found in Menengai Forest in Nakuru) Abyssiinian Ground Hornbill, Lesser Spotted Eagle, African Marsh Harrier, Horus Swift Apus hours, Turn-tailed ravens, Red-winged Sterling and other birds. Insects in Menengai include Arachnids, Molluscs and various species of butterflies.  

•    The Menengai Caldera
•    Viewpoint
•    Geothermal energy production
•    Caves
•    nature trails
•    picnic sites
•    fumaroles

•    Curio shops
•    Campsites


Menengai caldera viewpoint in Menengai Forest Station


Menengai caldera viewpoint in Menengai Forest Station


Varreaux eagles nesting in Menengai


Visitors at the Menengai Caldera Viewpoint in Menengai Forest Station.


Watchtower at Menengai Forest Station.


•    educational tours
•    nature walking
•    bird watching
•    butterfly watching
•    hiking
•    picnicking
•    camping
•    rock climbing
•    cycling
•    horse riding
•    Jogging  

Getting there:
Menengai Caldera is located in Nakuru town, 160 km west of Nairobi city. To get there from Nakuru town, take the road towards Nairobi and turn left after the railway bridge. Turn right 300 meters later onto Milimani road then left after 700 metres onto Menengai road. The main gate is 1.2 km from this last turn off. 

Getting around:
The forest has a network of driving tracks and walking trails. 

Experienced guides are available at a fee. Enquire about guiding services at the main gate.  

Entry fees:
Forest conservation fee is charged at the point of entry. For current rates, enquire from the contacts given here. 

Visiting hours:
Visitors are allowed into the forest from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm unless they have made arrangements to stay overnight. 

What to wear and carry:
Wear comfortable walking shoes or trainers and loose-fitting lightweight clothing.  A hat, sunglasses and sunscreen may come in handy. Carry binoculars and camera.

Important things to remember when visiting Menengai forest:
•    Be careful as the viewpoint and cliffs are deep and dangerous.  
•    Do not feed wild animals.
•    Do not start fires in the forest. 
•    Do not take away animals, animal products, plants or plant parts. 
•    Do not mark or deface tree stems, stones and other features. 
•    Avoid noise as it disturbs both wildlife and other visitors. 
•    Do not exceed 40kph when driving in the forest and drive carefully when descending.
•    Take all the litter that you brought away with you. 
•    Keep to the designated tracks and paths when walking or driving.
•    To get the most from your visit, use a guide.

• Single use plastic bottles not allowed. 



For more information contact:

Forest Manager:



Kenya Forest Service
Karura, Off Kiambu Road

P.O. Box 30513 – 00100 Nairobi, Kenya.
Email: or 


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