8 Billion Trees, a carbon offset company that runs a large scale planting operation in the Amazon Forest in collaboration with KFS launched a carbon offset project in Kenze Hills by planting trees in Makueni County in Eastern Kenya, to remove carbon emissions while rebuilding habitats and restoring local ecosystems. This exercise done in preparation for the commemoration of World Earth Day attracted stakeholders from government institutions, environmental groups and members of the local community.

Earth Day which was marked on April 22nd demonstrates support for environmental protection. A total of 3,200 trees were planted on an area of two hectares, and over 700 trees were distributed to the neighboring communities for planting in their own farms during the Earth Day celebrations.

The afforestation project in Kenze is a partnership of the Kenya Government – through, Kenya Forest Services (KFS) and the local Community Forest Association (CFA). KFS provided the tree seedlings and will keep providing technical support in this joint effort.  Plans are already underway for planting of 3,200 more indigenous trees species in the same location in the coming few weeks as part of the larger plan to restore and heal the Kenze Hills by planting over 50,000 trees on a total of 31 hectares of degraded areas covering the entire Kenze Hills.

The tree planting exercise was attended by the area Forest Station Manager Monica Mueni, the 8 Billion Planting Director Kenya Sammy Mutua among other KFS officers and the local community.

On 28th April the collaboration of KFS, 8 Billion and the local community planted another 3200 trees covering an area of 2Ha. The local Community Forest Association requested the Government to consider drilling a Borehole near the forest area to enable them start their own community tree nursery noting that this nursery will provide them with tree seedlings that they can continue planting in their own land and farms around the Kenze forest area. KFS has often encouraged forest adjacent communities and the nation at large to plant trees in their farms as the goal to attain and surpass the 10% tree cover in Kenya is a collective responsibility as a well nurtured forest and environment would be beneficial to both the present and future generations.

For more information on 8 Billion Trees’ carbon offset and afforestation projects, or to calculate your own emissions, please visit: https://8billiontrees.com/

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