Regular Programmes


The college has identified the following new training programmes that are market driven

  • Craft Certificate in Apiculture Management
  • Artisan Certificate in Bee Hives and Bee Equipment
  • Artisan Certificate in Bee Products Processing
  • Craft Certificate in Business Management
  • National Diploma in Environmental Management
  • National Diploma in Environmental Science
  • National Vocational Certificate II in Hortculture Nursery Management
  • Craft Certificate in Integrated Pest Management
  • Craft Certificate in Marketing
  • Craft Certificate in Project Management
  • Craft certificate in Social Work and Community Development
  • National Vocational Certificate II in Soil Management
  • Artisan Certificate in Welding
    We are in the process of reviewing  current Certificate in Forestry Curriculum and developing a direct Diploma in Forestry Curriculum


  • 2 year certificate in Forestry
  • 1 year diploma for certificate graduates

This is a two year course commencing in January every year. It consists of 40% theory and 60% practical, and is tailored towards producing field operatives. Minimum qualifications for school leavers are D+ (Plus) in KCSE. Currently, fees payable for the programme is Kshs. 150,000 over the two years.

This is a one year course that starts in January each year. Minimum entry requirement are certificate in Forestry with credit and above or should have a pass with atleast 3 years relevant field experience in a reputable institution

Those with certificates in agriculture/wildlife/range management or other closely related field with atleast a credit may also be considered. However, the applicant will be required to undertake silviculture, forest measurements and forest management courses at the certificate level. Currently, fees payable for the programme is Kshs. 100,000 over the year.

The College offers a variety of short courses some of which are in its calendar of events while others are offered on demand. Most of the courses are offered at the institution, but may also be offered at the client’s preferred venue.
Whereas the lectures at KFC are the main resource persons for most of the courses offered, the college also sources specialized personnel from other institutions including Kenya Forest Service, KEFRI and the Universities.

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