Vehicles transporting Sandalwood impounded

Two vehicles transporting Sandalwood have been impounded along the Wamba -Maralal road at Lpus area. At the same time, three adult males have been arrested in relation to the consignment.


The two vehicles, registration numbers KCU 288H make Toyota Landcruiser, and KAN 158L make Mitsubishi Pajero were intercepted by Kenya Wildlife Service rangers from Wamba. They were loaded with about 1.7 tonnes of the endangered sandalwood tree species with an approximate market value of KSh. 4,250,000.


The three occupants of the vehicles namely Alex Yatich Kapyaimei, John Leiyan Mereiyapie and Dickson Kapyag’a are booked at the Wamba Police Station OB number 02/12/2020.

The case is now under police investigation.


The Kenya Forest Service has increased surveillance to deter exploitation of the endangered Sandalwood tree species. Culprits in the trade are changing tact to move the illegal commodity in less suspicious vehicles. The Service is working with other law agencies to curb the illegal activity.