Forestry Scientific Conference in Kitui




The Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Environment and Forestry Hon. Keriako Tobiko has asked Forestry professionals to broadcast, assert and market their legitimate role in society in order to increase the number of Forestry professionals. The CS said this during the opening of the annual Forestry Society of Kenya(FSK) conference being held in Kitui County. He called upon FSK to start self -regulation of its members to address grievances bedeviling the sector. The CS noted he was working on the Forest Professional Bill while also contemplating an amendment to the Forest Conservation and Management Act 2016 to expound the duties and responsibilities of the FSK and hence formalize the Society through subsidiary legislation. The biggest challenge facing the forest sector was a disconnect between Forestry scientists and policy makers because of the large amount of research findings but with low input into policy. The measure of success in research findings would be their translation into policy and impactful action that transforms lives. The CS noted there was also a disconnect between Forestry scientific work and community action whereby action was being taken without references to traditional knowledge and community expertise. Hon. Keriako urged the conference participants to publish findings in reader - friendly languages and platforms that can reach a majority. The FSK was urged to exploit their contribution to achieving 10 percent forest cover by 2022 as part of His Excellency the President Uhuru Kenyatta green legacy. In the upcoming Eastern regime rainfall season, the focus will be on planting in schools, and in particular planting of fruit trees. The CS reiterated that corporate and civil bodies had a moral and ethical obligation to participate in tree planting. Going forward, more partnerships to support tree growing would be emphasized. The CS commented on the moratorium on logging of trees in State plantations, saying there was need to address the issues that led to the ban and review the business model of the forestry sector. He noted there was need to encourage private plantations, contracting of farmers and other investment models. The FSK conference takes place from 26th to 28th September 2018.





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