Core Values

Our core values form the foundation of how we carry out our duties and conduct ourselves. Core values are not work descriptions or strategies used to meet our objectives. They are the practices we use on a daily basis, in everything we do. They underpin our work, how we relate to each other and to our customers, and which strategies we employ to meet our mission. KFS will be guided by the following core values:

  1. Customer Focus: We shall strive to ensure that the service we provide shall meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.
  2. Scientific principles and professionalism: Decision making and practice will be based on current scientific knowledge and practice.
  3. Integrity and ethics: We shall conduct our daily business on the basis of accountability and transparency, with a zero tolerance for corruption.
  4. Teamwork: Only by pulling together in the same direction will we be able to achieve our shared vision. Teamwork will embrace mutual support, active participation, collective responsibility, open communication, information sharing and mentoring.
  5. Prudent management of resources: We shall continually promote efficiency and effectiveness.
  6. Gender equity: Will be pursued through fairness, affirmative action and sensitivity to gender
  7. Accountability and Responsibility: We shall demonstrate accountability and responsibility and project a good public image.