This is a division in Kenya Forest Service Charged with the management and conservation of the natural forests in Kenya which is our core program. The division’s objective is to intensify conservation and sustainable management of natural resources for environmental protection and socio-economic growth. Natural forest in Kenya forms the bulk of our gazetted forests with an area of more than 1.2 million hectares.


Most of these forests form our water towers which include The Mau Forest Complex, Mt. Kenya, Aberdares, Mt. Elgon and Cherangani.  Mathews range and a number of other isolated smaller forests dotted in Kenya form a good percentage of our gazette natural forests. In addition there are other natural forests which fall under the county councils, private ranches and private farms which require technical backstopping from the division.

The division is expected to achieve two strategic outputs which include:-

  • Increased percentage forest cover through enrichment tree planting and protection for natural regeneration and gazettement of new forests.
  • Improved livelihood through development and implementation of nature based and eco-tourism enterprises. For the Division to actualize its outcomes it is structured in several departments Water shed management they include: Forest Biodiversity Conservation, Participatory Forest Management and Fire Management, Natural Forest Management, licensing and eco-tourism.

Main functions include:

  • Implementation of collaborative forest management in the field level
  • Support research and planning functions at Conservancy Areas, Zones and Stations
  • Rehabilitating the degraded areas and protecting of the natural resources
  • Providing participatory forest management services and dissemination of information to communities and other key stakeholders
  • Providing technical support to all level of the KFS operations in natural forest conservation and management