KFS Choir Tours Mombasa On A Charity Mission


A KFS staff Hands a donation to Children from Midzini Childrens Home

In the celebrations mood for the just ended festive season of the year 2010. The Kenya Forest Service Choir toured Mombasa on a charity mission. The team donated stuff to various underprivileged societies spaced within the larger Mombasa. Led by the Senior Human Resource Officer, Ms. Faith Kosgei and the Chief Adminstrator Mr. otieno the team of twenty seven visited Nyumba ya Wazee, Tumaini children’s home, Midzini children’s home and Shimo la Tewa Maximum prisons. The choir which draws its members from various Divisions in the organization, did what they love most, singing and donating various commodities. These created a merry atmosphere among the homes visited.

It was after the cancellation of the State house end year party by His Excellency the President and directing that such funds should be used to entertain the disadvantaged in the society and the Internally displaced persons that made all the state corporations choir to divert their energy into creating a worthy to celebrate Christmas to Inmates in the Prisons, Children’s Homes and adult homes.

The visit to Nyumba ya wazee was very exciting as the officers had a platform to present various talents to them including singing, poetry, dancing amongst others. This created an up mood among the old Kenyans who are housed here. The Home that is sponsored by well wishers from China was more than glad as they received gifts bought to them by the KFS staff. Nyumba ya Wazee has approximately fifty old men ranging from the age of sixty to eighty.

Tumaini children’s home and Midzini children’s home were visited. The smiling faces of the young ones would make one to wonder why are they here as they deserved to be well taken care of by parents, but whatever happened to them lives a lot to be desired. The cute, cheerful boys and girls joined the KFS staff in various team building activities that created a home atmosphere among the children.The scenario showed how the two parties has bonded in a short span of their meeting.

Shimo la Tewa maximum Prison was a stop that only at the intervention of time that people had to be released out of the 24 hrs surveillance compound. The inmates received toilet papers, bar soaps for washing, detergents, fats for cooking and tooth paste. The Chief Inspector acting as the Commandant of the station thanked the Kenya Forest Service Director for compasion He has towards the inmates by the fact the he facilitated the choir to be Mombasa for the charity Mission. At the end of each year the inmates at the Prison holds various talent shows and it was at this time that the choir was invited for a sleep over at the Prison. The acting commandant requested KFS to make it a routine in visiting the government Prisons

In the spirit of Corporate Social Responsibility, KFS did what has never been done for a while as appreciations engulfed the air from the areas visited. The choir members also appreciated the Director Kenya Forest Service for his kind and compassionate heart to help the poor.


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