Forest Plantations
KFS has the mandate to manage all gazetted forest plantations
Natural Forests
KFS has the mandate to manage, protect and conserve all gazetted natural forests
Supporting Ecotourism
Supporting Ecotourism

About KFS

Kenya Forest Service is a State Corporation established in February 2007 under the Forest Act 2005 to conserve,develop and sustainably manage forest resources for Kenya's social-economic development.


The KFS management structure comprises 10 conservancies that are ecologically demarcated, 76 Zonal Forest Offices, 150 forest Stations, and 250 divisional forest extension offices located countrywide, and critical in forest management and surveillance.

To participate in forest management, forest adjacent communities have formed registered groups and are currently working with KFS to sustainably manage forest resources. In total, there are 325 community forest associations.




Developing countries set to benefit from genetic resources

Communities in developing countries that have lost their genetic resources and derivatives from natural resources to the developed world for several decades may soon start benefiting once the internationally binding agreement comes into force.


The negotiators are also pushing for the regime to allow the countries sell their products globally and also to have powers in lodging complaints from countries that trade in the products illegally.

"We strongly recommend an agreement that could help us access, safeguard, manage and benefit from our natural forests globally," Kenya Forest Service (KFS) Deputy Director for Natural Resources Esau Omollo reveals.

Omollo says that once signed and comes in force later in the year (2010), the agreement will safeguard against piracy as it will make it possible for the prosecution of the people involved in illegal trade.

He observes that through the regime, all countries are expected to benefit from the resources through control of their forests.

The developing countries are also looking for mechanisms that could allow them repatriate some benefits from developed countries to their member countries to benefit the communities where the products were taken from.

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By Evelyne Macharia


Thousands of participants from all walks turned up for the First Lady’s half marathon. Kenya Forest Service staff joined the First Lady in the event held on Sunday, March 6 at the Nyayo National stadium.


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