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Kenya Forest Service is a State Corporation established in February 2007 under the Forest Act 2005 to conserve,develop and sustainably manage forest resources for Kenya's social-economic development.

The KFS management structure comprises 10 conservancies that are ecologically demarcated, 76 Zonal Forest Offices, 150 forest Stations, and 250 divisional forest extension offices located countrywide, and critical in forest management and surveillance.

To participate in forest management, forest adjacent communities have formed registered groups and are currently working with KFS to sustainably manage forest resources. In total, there are 325 community forest associations.


To conserve, develop and sustainably manage forestry resources.


To be the leading organization of excellence in sustainable forest management and conservation globally.


To enhance conservation and sustainable management of forests and allied resources for environmental stability and social-economic development.


  • Sustainably manage natural forests for social, economic and environmental benefits.
  • Increase productivity of industrial forest plantations and enhance efficiency in wood utilization.
  • Promote farm forestry and commercial tree farming.
  • Promote efficient utilization and marketing of forest products.
  • Promote sustainable management of forests in the drylands.
  • Protect forestry resources and KFS properties.
  • Develop and maintain essential infrastructure for effective forest management and protection.

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