Stand-alone Departments


Department of Supply Chain Management-The Supply Chain Management Department is responsible for overseeing and coordinating all procurement and disposal activities and ensuring compliance with statutory obligations, internal procurement policies and reporting requirements

Department of Inspectorate and Internal Affairs– The Department of is independent inspectorate in the Service for purposes of increasing transparency and accountability in all spheres of the Service and not limited to intelligence generated from enforcement and security of forests. It is envisioned that this department will help the Service complying in its entire mandate. It reports directly to CCF to ensure that the information is unfiltered and corrective measures/action undertaken by the CCF for the purpose of ensuring good governance.

Air wing Department– Supports in carrying out complex, sensitive and critical operations both at the operation level in the Service which include and are not limited to security and protection of forests, fire and disaster response, medical evacuation and emergency situations, assisting in aerial surveillance especially for increased gazetted forests.


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