PFMPS Implementation

The   Kenya Forest Service has approved 177 Forest Management Plans with the participation of forest adjacent local communities and forest sector stakeholders. The Implementation of the Forest Management Plans is on going with designate roles and responsibility of all parties. The Forest management Plans include a set of performance indicators and measures to assess progress towards the effective conservation and management of forest resources in Kenya.


a) Functions of Community Forest Association
An association approved by the Director under section 46 to participate in the management or conservation of a forest or part of a forest shall;-

  1. Protect, conserve and manage such forest or part thereof pursuant to an approved management agreement entered into under this Act and the provisions of the management plan for the forest;
  2. Formulate and implement forest programmes consistent with the traditional forest user rights of the community concerned in accordance with sustainable use criteria;Protect sacred groves and protected trees;
  3. Assist the Service in enforcing the provisions of this Act and any rules and regulations made pursuant thereto, in particular in relation to illegal harvesting of forest produce;
  4. With the approval of the Board enter into partnerships with other persons for the purposes of ensuring the


b) Forest User rights
The management agreement between the Director and the association may confer on the association all or any of the following forest user rights;

  1. Collection of medicinal herbs;
  2. Harvesting of honey;
  3. Harvesting of timber or fuel wood;
  4. Grass harvesting and grazing;
  5. Collection of forest produce for community based industries;
  6. Ecotourism and recreational activities;
  7. Scientific and education activities;
  8. Plantation establishment through non-resident cultivation;
  9. Contracts to assist in carrying out specified silvicultural operations;
  10. Development of community wood and non-wood forest based industries;


Rehabilitation of degraded forests

Nyambene CFA women participating in rehabilitating degraded forest areas

Tree planting in Mombasa county.

Gathiuru Forest Community Scouts

Grazing User Rights

Olobolosat CFA Grazing user rights

Fuel Wood User Rights


Njukiini CFA ecotourism site



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