Communities engaging in forest conservation and management are requiring to have;

  1. An approved management Plan;
  2. A signed management agreement as stipulated in the Forest Act 2005 ; PART IV   sections  46(1) Stipulate     that a  member of a forest community may, together with other members or persons resident in the same area, register a community forest association under the Societies Act. (2) An association registered under subsection (1) may apply to the Director for Permission to participate in the conservation and management of a state forest or local authority forest in accordance with the provisions of this Act. (3) The application referred to in subsection (2) shall be in the prescribed form and shall contain;-
  1. A list of the members of the association and its address;
  2. The Constitution of the association;
  3. The association’s financial regulations;
  4. The area of forest for which the association proposes to undertake conservation and management;
  5. The association’s proposals concerning;-
  1. Use of forest resources;
  2. Methods of conservation of biodiversity;
  3. Methods of monitoring and protecting wildlife and plant populations and enforcing such protection

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