The Directorate of Forest Conservation and Management (DFCM) is established pursuant to the provisions of Forest Conservation and Management Act 2016, section 8(a-o) functions of the Service. The Directorate of Forest Conservation and Management and is responsible for providing advice on policy and legislation development for forest sector to management.

Central to the mandate of the Directorate is the key objective of executing provisions of the legislations, technical forest management orders, regulations and circulars that pertains to sustainable forests conservation and management practices.

It executes this mandate through the following Departments;
⦁ Department of Natural Forest Conservation
⦁ Department of Forest Survey & Information Management
⦁ Department of Forest Plantation Management
⦁ Department of Conservancy Coordination
⦁ Kenya Forestry College –KFC
⦁ Department of Forestry Advisory & County Liaison
⦁ Department of Dryland & private Forest Development Coordination


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